If you get close to someone they'll just betray you in the end.
— Aurora
Aurora Roseus







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armored leather cuirass, minishorts, braided leather skirt, gladiator sandals, bracers









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Aurora Roseus is a huntress from Mistral and former student of Haven Academy.

Background Edit

A native of Mistral, Aurora spent her early life in relative comfort, with her mother being a huntress and her father a member of the kingdoms council. Following in her mothers footsteps, Aurora wanted to be a huntress from childhood and enrolled in Sanctum at the age of 13 where she met a young man named Callum Abate who had recently moved to the kingdom from Atlas.

The two of them became fast friends and rivals, constantly competing for top marks, with Callum being a superior fighter while she excelled academically. During their time at Sanctum, Aurora and Callum began to develop romantic feelings, eventually moving towards a relationship at the age of 17 after graduating Sanctum, during the span before starting at Haven.

Unfortunately, during Haven's initiation a weapon jam and misfire caused her to overcompensate when landing, leading to her knocking Callum off course and into a rock formation, resulting in severe head trauma as his aura failed.

In spite of his injury, Aurora was able to help Callum through initiation and they were placed on a team together, and they continued to work together for several months as her partner's mental health slowly deteriorated, with him becoming ever more paranoid and ruthless. During a qualifying match for the Vytal Festival Tournament, the full extent of Callum's degeneration became apparent when he attacked after depleting Aurora's aura, causing severe damage to her left shoulder and narrowly missing her heart.

Callum was immediately arrested and exiled from the kingdom, leaving Aurora with permanent psychological scarring that has followed her throughout her career as a huntress.

Personality Edit

Cold and distant, Aurora has spent the lest 30 years doing her best to avoid others, constantly on missions outside the kingdom walls. As a result of working on her own constantly, her fighting style has evolved to ignore the presence of other combatants, and she is extremely withdrawn socially when forced to interact; maintaining a business like presence at all times.

Appearance Edit

A somewhat attractive woman with tidy, shoulder length, chestnut hair. Her combat gear consists of a fitted leather cuirass reinforced with armo on the chest, back, shoulders, and abdomen. In addition, she wears a braided leather skirt over black minishorts, leather bracers, and knee high gladiator style sandals.

While not on duty, she wears a simple navy pant suit and flat formal shoes.

Skills and Equipment Edit

Weapon Edit

  • Manus Diana
  • Wielder: Aurora Roseus
  • Maker/Smith: Aurora Roseus
  • Type: Semi Automatic Hand Cannons
  • Weapon Derivation: Dessert Eagle .50 custom, hand cannons in general
  • Holstered/Inactive Form: hip holsters
  • Form 1: a pair of identical but mirrored pistols equipped with biometric safeties, laser sights, and spiked knuckle guards, gold with pink highlights
  • Ammunition: fire element .50 custom, 20 round extended mags,
  • Usage: precision shooting and cqc
  • Planned/Possible Upgrades: none
  • Notes: name translates to hands of diana

Semblance Edit

  • Motus
  • Type: Aural/physical
  • Purpose: Utility
  • Short description: absorbs kinetic energy from the users movement and allows them to release it in a charge burst
  • Visual effect: not sure just yet
  • Range: personal
  • General limitations: none
  • Passive ability(s) (if any):  knock-back resistance
  • Active ability: Tier One: absorbs kinetic energy, allowing the user to stop movement immediately, can release stored energy in a directionless wave from their body
  • Active ability: Tier Two: release stored energy in a concentrated burst from a single point
  • Dust interaction (fire): converts released energy into fire
  • Dust interaction (ice): generates a freezing blast instead of a pressure burst
  • Dust interaction (earth): pressure bursts solidify on impact or when they cease movement, allowing for creation of stone walls
  • Notes: rapid movement fighting style allows the user to charge quickly

Statistics Edit

  • Strength: 2
  • Agility: 3
  • Aura reserve: 3
  • Aura manipulation: 3
  • Dust Manipulation: 1
  • Dust use: 1
  • Weapon Skill (Primary): 3
  • Weapon Skill (General):1

Trivia Edit

  • An aurora is an electrical phenomenon common near a planets magnetic poles, often green or red in color
  • Roseus comes from Latin, meaning rosy or pink

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