• MajoraSolaris

    Let's talk RWBY

    October 29, 2017 by MajoraSolaris

    I'm new to this wiki and I kinda want someone to talk to and to share ideas with.

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  • DragonNAW5

    Yeah so that happened...So recap

    Ruby has a silver eyed Power

    Adam Cut off Yangs arm

    Dragon Grim went into hibernation

    Cinder got the full Maiden's Powers

    Ozpin is missing- possibly dead

    And most Importantly

    PYHRRA DIED!!!!!!!


    Jaune you had ONE job

    Make sure no one comes in


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  • Phantomlink959

    As some of you may know, I am GMing a RWBY RP on another website

    We just lost a player and are ineed of a replacement!

    IF you're interested, use this sheet:

    1)Basic info

    • Name:
    • CNR explanation:
    • Species:(Human/Faunus)
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Symbol:
    • Handedness:
    • Physical traits: (Faunus features go here, as well as scars,tattoos, basically parts of the characters body that standout)
    • Misc traits:(A distinct item or clothing the character carries on them and in what context, a preference to a color on their outfits, a verbal tick, basically something distinctive not located on their body)
    • Occupation:


    • Aura/Effects:  (Effects are things like Ruby’s rose petals or Yang’s red eyes.)
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Eyes:
    • Skin color:
    • Face:
    • Hair:
    • Physique:
    • (Type of) Outfit: (add more tha…

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  • Phantomlink959


    November 20, 2015 by Phantomlink959

    I've been thinking, if we want to keep things consistent it may be wise to see if we can agree on characters to fill various roles as teachers at Beacon within the fanon-canon mess we have going on. I've got a couple for Beacon, Grey Waldgrun who does advanced weapon classes is one, the other is Umuthi Iqhawe (who's page i have not yet assembled) who teaches field medicine and herbology. Question is, do we want to keep these things consistent and locked in to help provide a foundation, or leave them free-form for anyone to make their own characters.

    I am of the opinion that, for roleplaying purposes, consistency is our best choice.


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  • SpiritedDreaming

    Roleplaying and Me

    November 16, 2015 by SpiritedDreaming

    Well, I am gonna say this now as a warning; though my characters are all going to be here on the site, I won't be able to Roleplay until at least next year simply because of how busy my life gets around Christmas (I work in Retail. That explains everything), and I have quite a few commitments already. So, if you see a character of mine you want to roleplay with, just....give me two months and I'll get back to you all with those Roleplay ideas, okay? :)

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  • JayHart

    First RP here

    November 16, 2015 by JayHart

    Well, I got all of my pages for Team ACCA typed up and labelled! Y'know what that means?  Time for an RP!  SO.... who's up for it?  Anyone?  Not looking for anything too deep if ya don't want it, just some mild shenanigans. 

    Or, if ya do want it, we can do a huge world-saving event.

    Anyway, someone hit me up with some ideas! :)

    Ok, I have a RP started, and it's open for anyone with a character page created (as long as the character is reasonable).


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