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— Bruno Benet

Bruno Claudio Benet is a mute student at Haven Academy and a member of team CBAT.

Bruno Benet

MaleIcon Male







Hair Color

Light brown, straight, short

Eye Color

Hazel Brown



Professional Status

Haven Academy




Mark Garyson Caerwyn

Backstory Edit

Born mute to poor parents, there was no real chance he would be able to speak. When he was old enough, he started working on the ranch with his parents where Itzal was raised. Itzal found Bruno while searching for something fun to do and tried to talk him to playing with him. It took awhile for the adopted Faunus to understand what the human was trying to communicate to him, but once he did, he promised that Bruno would not get in trouble for joining him. The two went on to become fast friends; playing, training, and studying together.

Itzal decided that he wanted to be a Huntsmen and so Bruno decided he wanted to be one too, even if they would be separated by a year. Itzal's adopted father had taken a shine to his son's companion and so paid for the necessary schooling. He was also willing to pay for surgery to make it so that Bruno could speak. But Bruno felt like the schooling was enough charity and that if the surgery was to be done, it could be done from his own pocket once he became a Huntsmen. Besides, he had been so long without a voice that the thought of getting one both thrilled and terrified him. He had learned through some tricks he and Itzal use to do how to take advantage of his muteness around strangers and he could communicate well enough if he really wanted to.

The years sped through, the slowest one being when Itzal entered his first year at Haven while Bruno was first without his bosom friend close by. Then finally, he was on the airship to Haven, an exultation filling his heart as the excitement washed over him.

Personality Edit


Weapons and Semblance Edit

Weapon Edit

Semblance Edit

-Name: Listen

-User: Bruno Benet

-Type: Physical

-Purpose:  Utility

-Short description: Manipulates sound waves from a certain distance away to be more audible to himself and/or those with him

-Visual effect: Inside of ears glow, 10 % of the soundwaves affected become visibly brown

-Range: Medium (Can also be used through non-sound proof walls)

-General limitations: The sound has to be happening at that moment in order to be picked up, Has to remain focused in order to pick up the sounds, (Ex. If he's overhearing humans and some silently notice the strange brown soundwaves and they find him, he'd be listening too closely to notice them)

-Passive ability: Naturally sensitive hearing

-Active ability: Picks up sound waves from a certain distance away and makes it clearly audible for himself and/or those with him

Notes Edit

Aura/Effects: Dark Brown/Affected soundwaves get colored brown

CNR Explanation: Bruno is Spanish for brown armor

Alludes to Bernardo, Zorro's mute assistent in the TV series

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