Calypso Eau
Age 16
Title Medic, Healer
Alias June Bleu
Nickname Cally
Status Single, Likes Mars Ukiuki
Color Blue
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Human
Born 3/28
Handedness Ambidextrious
Complexion Fair Skinned
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Semblance Healing Aura
Height 5"6'
Weight 100 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Is known because of her team
Affiliation Mars Ukiuki
Occupation Hunter In Training
Additional Info
Likes Ice Cream, Night Walking, Dancing, Singing, Her Weapons, Organization, Faunus
Dislikes Disorganization, Heat, Sushi, Stereotypes
Special Skills Healing Wounded People, Sewing, 100% Marksmanship, Getting what she wants, Speed, Flexibility, Gymnastics
Weaknesses Physical Strength, Too trusting, Hand-to-Hand Combat

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