Citadel Academy

Huntsman Academy




West Mistral

Citadel Academy is a Huntsman/Huntress training Academy located on an island off the West Coast of the Kingdom of Mistral.

History Edit

Citadel academy was set up as the second Huntsman Academy in Mistral. It was intended to cater for the large amount of islands, large and small, around the region whose residents wer largely unable to attend Haven fo various reasons. However, the idea of an alternative to the first academy was a popular one, and within a few years the amount of students attending Citadel had risen hugely.

The two founders of Citadel, Professors Gabriel and Carruthers Mara, former teachers from Haven and Beacon academies respectively, founded the Academy with an idea of having a school for Huntsman and Huntresses that prioritised both a study of combat and a study of the world, with stdents choosing a second language to learn and being actively taught Geography, Cultural Studies, Sciences and the like, with each of the latter subjects being tied in with their combative educations. However, due to conflict between the two founders, Mara left in order to return to his occupation as a normal hunter, just as he was before he took up his first teaching position at Beacon.

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