This weapon belongs to JayHart's OC, Rowan Silva.

Crimson Sonnet Edit

  • Wielder: Rowan Silva
  • Maker/Smith: Silva Arms and Instruments / Schnee Dust Company
  • Type: Dust-Augmented Combat Violin (DACV)
  • Derivation: a violin and a rapier/sabre
  • Form: A special Dust-reinforced red-stained rosewood violin with compact Dust dispenser hooked up to triggers on the neck. The bow is folding-frame tech coloured red to match the wood, and has a retractable blade set into the backside.
  • Holstered appearance: Kept in a compact case that either hangs on a special harness on Rowan's back or is carried in his hand.
  • Ammunition: The Dust dispenser is fed from a series of vials fitted into the system on the back of the violin. The system is protected by a plate that slides on and off, making reloading a bit of a pain, but protecting the system from external damage.
  • Planned/Possible Upgrades: Making it more travel-friendly; streamlining the Dust dispensing system.

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