FLAX (pronounced "Flax") was a team comprised of Flavio Goban, Gretal Lampsi, Ater Roussell and Xander Bole.

The team graduated from Haven Academy 3 years before the start of RWBY. Following graduation the team split, with Flavio, Gretal and Ater sticking around the City of Mistral and Xander heading home to deal with personal business.

Members Edit

Flavio Flavio Goban was formerly a member of Team FLAX and the team leader.

Gretal Lampsi was formerly a member of Team FLAX.

Ater Ater Roussell was formerly a member of Team FLAX.

Xander Bole was formerly a member of Team FLAX.

History Edit

Team FLAX entered in the Vytal Festival both years it ran during their schooling. In their first year they managed to make it to the doubles round before being knocked out by an older team from Atlas. In their third year they managed to make it to the singles rounds, sending Flavio in to battle by himself. He made it to the semi-finals round of the tournament before being defeated by an older Haven student.

Trivia Edit

  • Flax is a genus of flowers known for their blue flowers and use in making linseed oil and flax linen, both of which are yellow in colour.
  • The team theme for FLAX is Royalty;

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