This Weapon belongs to JayHart's OC, Aurum Segen.

Faithkeeper Mk. II Edit

  • Wielder: Aurum Segen
  • Maker: Ash Westwind
  • Type: Grapple-Hook Bastard Sword (GHBS)
  • Form: A simple slightly curved sword a bit shorter than a longsword but longer than a shortsword, with an elongated hilt for balancing and possible two-handed use. The knuckle-guard is split into two prongs at an approximate 45 degree angle, and the hilt is wrapped in black leather with gold stitching. The blade is etched on the left side in flowing gold script with the phrase "Never falter; the Promise must be kept."
  • Sheathed Appearance: The blade telescopes, allowing it to collapse on itself to hand easily at the left hip without interfering.
  • Features/Capabilities: Folding-frame tech blade. The split-hook knuckle guard can be fired at an angle to act as a grapple hook, connected to a spool of wire that stores itself in the pommel, allowing for grater vertical mobility. The grapple mechanism is Dust-powered, and requires recharging after heavy use.
  • Usage: Used in melee combat and as a grapple-launcher.
  • Ammunition: Minimal dust use; occasional replacement of the hook/line.
  • Planned/Possible Upgrades: Further modification unlikely.

Faithkeeper Mk. I Edit

The original Faithkeeper is still in Aurum's possession. It is a simple straight bastard sword with a cross-guard rather than a hooked knuckle-guard, and has no special features beyond minimalist gold decorations. The blade is fixed.

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