TA-DA!! See this!! This is Frozen Flame! Freeze? Incinerate? It does both!! After all, I am an Antics-Master-In-Training!
Frozen Flame/Wild Joker Mk.II
Frozen Flame

Symin Camulus (Timeskip)


Meele, Ranged, Defense

Weapon Derivation

Urumi<->Sword, Energy Gun<->Knuckle, Shield

Frozen Flame is Symin Camulus's next weapon after Wild Joker, also known as Wild Joker Mk.II.

Description Edit

Frozen Flame is a O SHIZLGZNGAHR because Symin said "Screw abbreviation! Naming it Frozen Flame is enough!". Its a hybrid of Sword, and Gun. The weapon design took a concept of a creature breathing fire.

The hilt of this Weapon is actually a handrip of Symin's sidecar motorcycle namely, Nazca Aethon. Its detachable and can connect to either of her motorcycle or her weapon.

The weapon is also DNA locked, which means, only Symin can wield this weapon. The process of transformation is also requires Symin's "authentication".

Sear Blade Mode Edit

The blade of this weapon is a mixture of 4 dust, which are water, ice, fire, and earth. The fire form the blade, the ice and earth eternalize the shape in a form of solid crystal, and the water flow the element origin to inflict the enemy a flame that freezes while incinerate anything within the frozen prison.

One of the unique feature of this weapon is the neural transmitter that hidden inside the boat-like hiltguard. It allow Symin to control the state of the blade. Be it in a solid crystal state to cut enemy with the power quite similar to a thermal lance, or in an ethereal state that can bend and extend the length of the blade. At the ethereal form, Symin can utilize the sword like an Urumi. It has good range and can snatch enemy's weapon off their hand.

Spinning turbine also installed at the sides of the boat-like hiltguard. The faster it spins, the more damage the blade can deal. This is where the motorcycle handgrip comes in function. By rewinding the handgrip, the turbine will spin.

While the blade mode itself is a very powerful and flexible weapon, the greatest weakness of this blade is the massive consumption of dust. However, that can be compensated in several way. It mostly center to Symin's semblance which can gather particles that can refuel dust. She must at least have fire, water, earth, and ice elemental particle gathered in order to refuel the blade full function.

Knuckle-Gun Mode Edit


The Hiltguard Edit


Development Edit


Trivia Edit


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