Gas? Strange name for a team.
—Ajax, upon hearing their name



Guiying Li


Beacon Academy

Team GAAS, or Gas, was a team at Beacon Academy led by Guiying Li. Fifteen years after graduating, the group disbanded for reasons unknown. They all went their separate ways, although Guiying and Adonis still keep in touch. While they were still together, they were a very well-known team of huntsman and many aspiring huntsman and huntresses idolized them. It could never be said that their group dynamic was anything short of perfect in all situations, which only furthered people's confusion on the break up.

Team GAASEdit

A group of men who always took responsibility for their actions and did their best to help all they came across. Composed of the calm and collected Guiying, the spirited Adonis, the 'stick-in-the-mud' Ajax, and the overzealous Surya. They would all agree that they didn't get along all that well at first, but it was barely noticeable to anyone outside their circles.


Guiying Li was the dependable leader that always kept his cool no matter the situation.

Adonis Droll was the token energetic and outgoing one

Ajax Nikephoros was the one many claimed to be the most boring of the group.

Surya Bhumi was the most out there of the group and was often always jumping ahead of the others.


At first, although they would all claim they didn't get along very well, their teamwork suggested otherwise. They seemed to fall right in step with each other to other people.

Over time, they stopped trying to tell everyone they didn't get along as well as they thought, as their teamwork had escalated far beyond any of the other teams in their year. They rarely fell out of step with one another and were able to keep a steady pace in all of their battles.

Teamwork StyleEdit

Duty in BeaconEdit

Due to their high skill level, they were given high-level missions most times. Most of their missions were ones that would take a few days, or even weeks, and they were away from the academy for long periods of time.


  • Their team theme was flowers and the earth. All of their names, first or last, referenced a flower or the earth and that reflected in their emblems and civilian lifestyles
    • Guiying's name means 'flower' and he later came to own a flower shop.
    • Adonis' name references the anemone and he later came to have a daughter who he ended up teaching all about flowers to.
    • Ajax's name means 'earth' and he later came to work in a graveyard as a gravedigger.
    • Surya's last name means 'soil' and he later came to work in a greenhouse.
  • This team belongs to Emerald Rose.

CNR ExplanationEdit

  • Gas is an airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity.

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