This semblance belongs to User:JayHart's OC, Tanner Varn.

Grim SightEdit

  • User: Tanner Varn:
  • Short Discription: Limited precognition, showing the user brief flashes of their or someone else's possible last moments.
  • Visual Effect: None
  • Details: Auto-activates to give Tanner split-second precognition of incoming lethal damage. Has the drawback of making Tanner live through his death before he can prevent it from happening.
    • Tier 1: Self-precog of lethal or near-lethal damage.
    • Tier 2: Precog expands to those with whom the user is close, either physically or emotionally, and is more detailed.
    • Tier 3: Precog extends to include a wider physical range, and is more detailed.
  • Limitations: Though the precog takes no time, it does not increase reaction time, and saps Aura on activation, leaving the user somewhat disoriented.

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