Powers and Abilities

Iwao is an agile and athletic man. His fighting style combines both hand-to-hand combat and bōjutsu (棒術, staff technique). Also an skilled swordsman, he is capable of double wielding, even though he doesn't resort to it often.

Both unarmed and armed, Iwao's style is heavily acrobatic, and can sometimes even come across as flashy. An extremely disciplined fighter, he can fend off multiple enemies simultaneously, and make up for differences in size and strength without much trouble.

Iwao counts with fast reflexes, which allow him to dodge and redirect attacks easily, rarely being caught off guard.

While his fighting style generally searches to use the enemy's strength against themselves, avoiding taking damage, and saving energy, certain circumstances can draw Iwao into taking a more direct approach. In such instances, his style becomes heavily aggressive, dealing systematic fast and powerful hits with the objective of finishing off the enemy as fast as possible and with little to no care for collateral or environmental damage. Avoiding taking damage himself becomes secondary, instead relaying more on his aura to hold on.


Iwao's aura glows a vibrant white when activated. He counts with a vast reserve and a high degree of control over it.

He is able to form shields to stop direct hits and projectiles, and also to create aura shock-waves that, when conducted through a weapon, are capable of making Grimm bodies explode.

Iwao also has the capability to unlock or lock another person's aura. Though how much effort and amount of his own aura that might consume depends on the situation.


Iwao's semblance is Luminescence, the ability to create and manipulate light.

Iwao creates spheres of light which he can control at will. Altering their size, colour and the intensity of the light itself. Per defect, lights tend to be white in colour.

Lights can be generated anywhere within Iwao's vision field, making it possible for Iwao to have them accompany him, leaving them behind as a marker or using them as a distraction to mislead an enemy.

Iwao can maintain a light left behind by keeping its location in mind, allowing him also to keep manipulating it. Alternatively, and by a smaller amount of aura cost, Iwao can leave a light "charged" with a certain amount of aura that will loose brightness as it wears out, until it itself ultimately vanishes.

Hitting the light spheres causes them to dissolve.

Charging the lights with Fire or Lightning dust will cause them to explode when hit, or stretch on their duration by a lower aura cost. Ice and Earth dust will solidify around whatever is used to hit them.

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