Powers and Abilities

Kyoko has a muscular and strong physique.

A flexible fighter with a preference for long range attacks, Kyoko looks to intimidate her enemies.

Kyoko's deep understanding of weaponry allows her to switch between her own easily. It also provides her the ability to quickly assert her opponents strengths and weaknesses and exploit them. Even disarm and neutralise another's weapons.

When it comes down to close quarters, Kyoko has a preference for quick sneak attacks. She will rarely engage on it, unless she aiming for a finishing blow.

Kyoko is also always deeply aware of her surroundings, making it hard to take her by surprise. With sharp reflexes, her fighting style is mainly offensive. All of her movements are purposeful and potentially deceptive.


Kyoko's aura glows a dark red when activated. She counts with a vast reserve and a high degree of control over it.

She can create either small shields to move around and deflect strikes or projectiles. Or project a larger one in front of herself as she charges forward.

Finally, Kyoko can channel her aura through her weapons, creating an "aura slash" to cut her enemies from afar.


Kyoko's semblance is Gravitalia, the ability to manipulate gravitational forces.

Kyoko can choose one or multiple focus points, be it any kind of object, a weapon or herself, and alter gravity around it. The focus point can then be turned into a vortex, violently attracting everything, save people and animals, towards it. Objects caught by the vortex will reach the centre of it and keep collapsing onto one another until the semblance is deactivated.

People and animals nearby will feel a push and notice a visual distortion around the focus point.

Alternatively, an object affected by Gravitalia can be made lighter, making it easier to move around.

Kyoko must actively keep focus to maintain the semblance in effect.

Combining with Gravity dust will strengthen the effects and reduce the aura cost.

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