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— Rosie

Rosabella was a member of team SRSE and is currently a stay at home mom with seven children, one more on the way, who volunteers her services at the nearby hospital.

Rosabella Seren Blerta

Faunus (White Bengal Tiger)




FemaleIcon Female


38 years old






5' 0"


98 lbs

Hair Color

Black, pulled back into a half ponytail that reaches to the shoulders

Eye Color


Professional Status


Previous Occupation(s)




Previous Team



Egbert Hamish Blerta

Previous Partner(s)

Otineo Seren

Personal Status



Egbert Blerta (husband), Otineo Seren (twin brother), Tierra Blerta (eldest), Gimli Blerta (second), (third), Fintan Colm Blerta (fourth), (fifth), "Doc" Lambert Blerta (sixth), Periwinkle Blerta (seventh), on the way (eighth)

Backstory Edit


Personality Edit


Weapons and Skills Edit

Weapons Edit

Name: Stinger

Wielder: Rosebella Seren

Type: SDRM (Spear with Dust Release Mechanism) 

Short Description: A spear with a dust release mechanism in its center. Folds twice in order to be carried.

Form 1: 6 ft. Spear

Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: Folded twice and slung over her back

Features/Capabilities: Releases dust from its center

Usage: Draws the dust out, uses her aura to activate it in a controlled manner, then hurls the elemental ball where she needs it. If the enemy gets to middle range, she'll use her spear point in contandandium with her dust. Then she'll switch to quarterstaff if they get any closer.

Planned/Possible Upgrades: Egbert plans to infuse Rosie's staff with his hypothetical Healing Dust that would theoretically allow her to directly heal, though that's if he discovers how to make it

Semblance Edit

-Name: Healing Rose

-User:Rosabella Seren

-Type: Glyph

-Purpose: Defensive

-Short description: Forms a glyph under a person to heal his/her bodily injuries

-Visual effect: A star-shaped glyph with a white rose inside surfaces under the affected person

-Range: Medium

-General limitations: Naturally is as big as one of Weiss's glyphs, making it any bigger or smaller costs more aura depending on the size difference; Having more than one person within the glyph depletes her aura faster; A person's aura can get in the way of the effectiveness of the semblance

-Passive ability: Her own bodily injuries have a slightly faster healing rate

-Active ability: Places a glyph under someone to heal their bodily injuries faster

-Dust interaction: Fire: Increases the healing rate for frostbite and other freeze/chil related conditions

Ice: Increases the healing rate for burns and other heat-related conditions

Earth: Increases the healing rate for broken bones, cuts,and other conditions related to bones and skin

Water: Used for a sort of blood restorer where the liquid of the water Dust is paired with blood molecules to act as temporary blood, must have a real transfusion later

Lighting: Causes a defibrillator effect

Statistics Edit

@) Physical Statistics

  • Strength: 2
  • Speed: 3
  • Agility: 4
  • Stamina: 5

&) Aural Statistics

  • Aura Reserve: 5
  • Aura Manipulation: 4
  • Semblance Manipulation: 5
  • Dust Manipulation: 3

$) Technical Statistics

  • Dust use: 2
  • Weapon Skill (Primary): 5
  • Weapon Skill (Unarmed): 3
  • Weapon Skill (Close Combat): 2
  • Weapon Skill (Mid Range Combat): 4
  • Weapon Skill (Ranged Combat): 2

Trivia Edit

  • Rosabella= Italian for White Rose, Seren= Welsh for Star (generally thought of as white); Blerta: Albanian for Green
  • Inspired by Rosie Cotton from Lord of the Rings and my sister-in-law, Amanda

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