This semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Rowan Silva.

Summoning Sonata Edit

  • User: Rowan Silva
  • Short Description: Allows the creation and control of Aura constructs. Can be activated without music, but grants major bonuses while playing. Music grants a bonus to Dust manipulation.
  • Visual Effect: Music notes dance between the user and the construct. The construct is summoned via a glyph with notes on it.
  • Details: Music-related glyphs can be used to 'summon' constructs made of Aura. The constructs are limited by the caster's power, and can be controlled directly. The effects are massively boosted if the user is playing music. Music can be used to control the construct directly; otherwise, it will act predictably on its own. The semblance can also be used to boost Dust-using capabilities.
  • Tier 1: Basic constructs (simple animals and crude humanoids), music-buffed Dust spells, loose control over constructs.
  • Tier 2: More powerful constructs (up to user's power or a little higher); finer control over constructs; complex musical Dust 'spells'.
  • Tier 3: Complex, powerful, or multiple constructs; minute control over constructs; powerful complex Dust 'spells'.
  • Limitations: Drains a sizeable portion of Aura on-summon, and very slow Aura drain by controlling the construct (more like reduced regeneration). Constructs must either be constantly controlled, or will expire when the Aura used to cast it has run out.

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